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"To encourage reading habit"

About Keytaab

"Keytaab" enables Urdu readers to access a fifteen-minutes "Summary" in easy-to-understand manner, with unlimited choice of books, Biographies and Business Companies of the world.

The world has shrunk into a global village, where people share their knowledge and experiences without any national and international barriers. In fact, Internet provides people a unique opportunity to share their experiences with millions of readers and can benefit from each other's knowledge.

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan was the pioneer Muslim thinker who for the first time felt the necessity of Urdu as a medium of instruction so that millions of Urdu speaking community could benefit from it. No doubt, our Urdu readers need the same, more than ever before, because almost 85 % Urdu speaking people in the world cannot speak or understand English or other languages.

Our dedicated team of writers under the banner of Keytaab resolutely affirms that we, without biasness or prejudice will translate world’s famous books genuinely needed by our esteemed Urdu readers. In pursuant of this noble cause, we will leave no stone unturned in accomplishing it honestly and devotedly.

Modern reader needs a quick but short reading as no one finds enough time to sit for long hours and stick to lengthy books. It does not mean that need of books is over, in fact , readers of today and future will seek guidance through great books & biographies as these books are the store-house of knowledge and experiences of great people and provide a foundation to Urdu speaking community to learn new ideas in just a 10-15 minutes time.